Josephine Birungi is member of the INTE-AFRICA team in Uganda

A member of the Integrating and Decentralising HIV, Diabetes, and Hypertension Services (INTE-AFRICA) team has been appointed co-chair of the GACD Scale-up Research Programme

Josephine Birungi, a senior scientist at the Ugandan Virus Research Institute and part of the INTE-AFRICA team in Uganda, has been recently appointed co-chair of the Global Alliance for Chronic Disease (GACD) Scale-up Research Programme. The GACD develops and facilitates innovative research collaborations between low-and middle-income (LMIC) and high-income countries in the fight against chronic diseases with a focus on LMICs.

“This is a great opportunity to contribute at the international level through advocacy and collaboration,” says Birungi. “The co-chair works as a liaison between the network and GACD funders to advance the research agenda. My new role will therefore help me promote research in non-communicable diseases and share results from studies such as INTE-AFRICA, which seeks to integrate care for NCDs and HIV,” she adds.

For the new co-chair, it is also an opportunity to form additional partnerships, and collaborations that can strengthen capacities for NCD research. She also hopes to use this network to identify promising young scientists for mentorship.  “I believe by doing this, we shall ensure continuity for the research agenda on prevention and management of chronic diseases for generations to come,” she says.

Along with Josephine Birungi, appointed low and middle income country representative, Pablo Perel was appointed Co-chair as high-income country representative.


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